Help Amina Stay Housed and Keep A Rainbow In Your Cloud!

Amina Mucciolo needs help to stay housed and keep their online art shop going. 

Help save Amina flyer

Hi Unicorns, I’m Amina!

A Black, queer, autistic artist and human rainbow! I’m Studiomucci on Instagram/ TikTok/ Twitter and Tasselfairy on YouTube. I make art and content that is creative, colorful, uplifting, fun and honest. You might know me from my Apartment makeover Cloudland.

A photo of Amina's Cloudland apartment.

Or possibly from my colorful art and shop, A Rainbow In Your Cloud. I’ve been a busy Tasselfairy over the years!


An image of a Cappy, a happy Mushroom Amina created to remind us not to give up.

Sadly, it's also possible that you heard about some of the challenges I’ve faced with huge brands plagiarizing my work, and my being forced to leave Cloudland because of it. In the past few years I've face a lot of difficult and traumatizing things, both personally and professionally. Since then, I’ve struggled to get back on my feet and produce art and content regularly. While in the midst of dealing with all of these challenges, I also learned that I was autistic, and I’ve been struggling in autistic burnout ever since.

Autistic burnout is a specific condition autistic people face that results from chronic stress and has severe physical and mental health impacts like a loss of functioning, loss of sleep, depression and anxiety, just to name a few. I have struggled to do things that I would normally do with ease like: speak, make content, do my hair and makeup and meet deadlines, which are all a mandatory part of my job. I’ve also had a really hard time leaving my apartment; I often stay inside for weeks or months at a time. The extended isolation has been really hard, I feel like I’m on the edge.

All of this has left me unable to work consistently enough to maintain a stable source of income. I feel like I’ve been fighting so hard for so many years, I’m doing my best but it's just not enough right now. I face losing everything, including the roof over my head, again.

This is not the first time I’ve turned to my community for help. First, back when I was being pushed out of my home and forced to move with no notice, and the second was for my legal battle to protect myself from a multibillion dollar toy conglomerate. But as you might have guessed it didn’t go very well for me. I couldn’t afford to continue to fight them, it was also extremely stressful and had a hugely negative impact on my health.

Though there was no justice, I am still here and I’m extremely grateful for that. I really don’t know how I would have survived any of it without your love and support.

Amina looking happy in a colorful outfit.

The money I’m asking for today will first and foremost help me and my little family stay in our current apartment (for at least another month) and pay for things like food and utilities, as we are currently in the red.

Then I’m hoping to use the rest to support my online shop: A Rainbow In Your Cloud, to help create a more sustainable income source for myself and my family. This will give me time to make content, and pay for things like samples, supplies and order fulfillment. I also have new art and designs that I’m really excited about, I just need the time and resources to bring some of these magical things to life. It’s really hard to sustain even a small art based business with no credit or capital of any kind.

I am so grateful for this colorful kind community who continues to have my back. I appreciate you so much for being here and supporting me and my art and content.

If you cannot help, I totally understand, please just spread the word, it would mean a lot to me. I will continue to be optimistic, no matter what happens! You will be definitely be seeing more from me soon, because I will NEVER give up!
Ok thanks!

I love you, bye.

Amina in rainbow overalls.

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