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Lavender Rose Tasselfairy Garland

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ALL Tasselfairy Garlands ship FREE to the US!

This is a Lavender Rose Tasselfairy Garland. 

Designed and hand made by Amina Mucciolo, Tasselfairy Garlands are created by using decorative cord, tissue paper, metallic mylar and iridescent film.

Tasselfairy Garlands come as pictured. They are reusable and will last for years with proper care under weather safe conditions.

Each garland is adjustable and covers an area between 6-9' in length. This item comes with 15 hand twisted iridescent tassels. Each tassel hangs 12" from the cord.

This is a presale. All garlands are made to order and will ship by August 1-14.